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"A tri-phase educational curriculum"

RS2-TrStep1RS2-TrStep2Pevonia's brand's philosophy is based on a solid educational foundation. From inception, Pevonia has played a leading role in providing valuable education to the spa industry.

The company recently launched an innovative technical support program –Pevonia Post-Graduate Modular Educational System (currently under certification in South Africa).

This program offers complete certification that really surpasses fundamental product knowledge by tapping into the science of products and treatments, proper skin analysis, and effective skin care to ensure a superlative spa experience. (Dr. Jurist, Pevonia's global Education Director)

We are currently offering a tri-phase educational curriculum which includes:

  1. clinical approach to skincare science,
  2. applicable technical skincare, and
  3. business management specialty seminars.

"Don't Sell, Recommend" Retail approach

Pevonia's unique philosophy positions the therapist as:

"Providing valuable solutions to each guest's specific skincare concerns, while offering the ideal way to prolong the spa experience at home".

Pevonia's Don't Sell, "Recommend" Seminar was developed to teach therapists that retailing is actually all about recommending. Therapists often limit the scope of their role as simply performing services, whereas the scope is much broader and includes teaching and educating guests so that they can in turn properly care for their skin upon exiting the spa. We empower professionals to do just that!

This unique philosophy promotes a great spa experience and teaches guests to prolong their healthy, youthful skin by living the spa lifestyle in-and-out of the spa.