Aromatherapy Face Oil - Sensitive Skin

Hazelnut oil blended with Neroli and Lavender essential oils repair and nourish, while regulating your skin's delicate moisture balance.
Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Soothing and light-textured, Sensitive Skin Cleanser gently removes accumulated impurities, while diffusing redness and irritation.
Sensitive Skin Lotion

Decongest for a perfect cleansing! Sensitive Skin Lotion controls sensitivity and helps soothe your skin's irritation.
Soothing Propolis Concentrate

Believe in the power of propolis! Combined with Lavender, Propolis Concentrate calms, heals, and truly enriches your skin.
Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream

These natural ingredients work to relieve redness and skin sensitivity rendering your skin decongested and soothed.
Your Skincare Solution Sensitive Skin Kit

Calm and control your hypersensitivity. Ultra-gentle healing elements alleviate and harmoniously correct your skin's blotchiness and irritability.